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coaching psychology

Coaching Psychology practice is built on a foundation of academic research into positive psychology.  Coaching Psychologists apply behavioural science in order to enhance human experience, performance, and wellbeing.  Please see my coaching psychology website if you would like to explore this further.

A collaborative approach drawing on existing strengths, with the aim of overcoming challenges in a constructive way, on the way to achieving value-driven goals. The focus is always on psychological health and wellbeing, while facilitating learning, growth and development.  


There are many reasons why people choose to work with a coaching psychologist, including:

  • Planning for, and adjusting to: changes, transitions, challenges, new directions, new roles, and new responsibilities in our personal and professional lives  

  • Performance enhancement, confidence-building, overcoming procrastination

  • Adaptation and agility in the modern world of work, career development, and leadership identity

  • Creating new self-care habits for health and wellbeing

  • How to thrive with diversity and difference

  • Protection from burnout, stress, and unhappiness

  • Developing our relationships with: self, family, friends, partners, work, culture, community, nation, and planet

  • Finding a sense of purpose and meaning, and achieving growth and success through value-driven actions, without compromising ourselves, other people, or the world around us

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